Young ‘Dog Whisperer’ Comes To The Rescue Again in Touching Deja Vu Moment

In 2016, 6-year-old Meghan Topping succeeded in rescuing a homeless dog when no adult could. Now she is 12 years old and it appears she hasn’t lost her “dog whisperer” talents.

Back in 2016, Daisy the dog was spotted roaming in a field. Rescuers tried for two and a half months to catch Daisy but were unsuccessful until Meghan went out to the field. Simply by sitting down and waiting for the dog, Meghan was able to rescue Daisy and shortly after Daisy was fostered and then adopted.

6-year-old dog whisperer

Meghan Topping with Daisy back in 2016

Flash forward to 2023, and Meghan and her mom continue to help rescue dogs by volunteering at Rescue Ranch Sanctuary in Siskiyou County. It was there that Meghan was called upon to put her dog whispering talents to work once again.

Rescue Ranch Sanctuary takes in special needs dogs and “unadoptables” from their Rescue Ranch Adoption Center and from kill shelters but is not where people can come and surrender their dogs. They have a separate Adoption Center for that and, even then, they are unable to take in all surrenders. So when a couple came to drop off their dog they were provided with resources and help in order for them to keep their dog.

However, the couple dumped their dog out front of the sanctuary anyway and proceeded to drive away. Their bewildered dog chased after the car until she no longer could keep up. The abandoned black dog began roaming the fields and became trapped there; she wouldn’t let shelter staff get close to her.

But in a case of deja vu, Meghan was called in to see if she could help. She went out into the field, much like she had years ago, sat down and waited.

Soon, the dog approached her. Megan was able to inch closer to the dog and she said she felt the dog’s energy shift from tense to relaxed. Soon after, the dog was safely leashed. A rescue once again achieved thanks to a young dog whisperer who has lost none of her skills.

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