Woman Visits Cemeteries To ‘Dig Up’ Gravestone Recipes And Then Bake Them

Rosie Grant is studying to be an archivist but she wasn’t expecting to end up searching cemeteries for recipes and share them on TikTok. A few years ago, when the pandemic hit, Rosie was interning at a cemetery in DC while she studied.

While there, she began to notice how unique graves could be and she stumbled across an article about a recipe on a gravestone in Brooklyn, New York.

Soon, her curiosity was piqued and having taken up cooking and TikTokking she began searching out recipes on gravestones in order to bake them. So far she’s made 23 recipes that people have left on their headstones. There’s been a recipe for chocolate brownies, chicken soup and spritz cookies among others.

Most of the recipes are baked desserts and the spritz cookie recipe was the first Rosie made.

“The first one that I both heard about and then ended up visiting was Naomi Miller Dawson. She’s in Brooklyn, New York, and oh, she has such a beautiful grave,” Rosie told Twisted Foods in an interview.

The recipe did pose a challenge because it only featured the 7 ingredients but not how to combine them. She got help from people on social media about using a cookie press to make them and soon she baked up her first successful batch. She later learned it was a recipe that Dawson didn’t want to share until she was gone.

Check it out below:

@ghostlyarchive Naomi Miller-Dawson’s grave in Green Wood Cemetery #recipesoftiktok #recipesforyou #gravestone #greenwoodcemetery #taphophile #spritzcookies #gravetok ♬ edamame – bbno$

“Apparently, Naomi didn’t share this cookie recipe until she was on her deathbed,” Rosie explained. “You could say she literally took this recipe to her grave.”

It’s been two years since she started so recently Rosie shared a summary of her adventures on video.

Rosie’s enterprise has an extra poignancy for her too. “Both of my grandmothers died during the pandemic, and the thing that helps me remember them the best is like cooking a thing that I had with them while they were alive,” she told Twisted.

As for what recipe she might want on her gravestone? She’s thinking a clam pasta.

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