Woman Joins Facebook Group In Wrong Country, Ends Up With Gift Box And New Friends

A British woman mistakenly joined the wrong Facebook group and ended up making new friends in a country thousands of miles away. Sue Perry was looking to give away some odds and ends so thought she would join a Facebook group from her local town of Wakefield, England. But she accidentally ended up joining a group from Wakefield, Quebec, Canada.

She quickly realized something was amiss.

“It was the skis and the ski boots and the warm clothing that sort of give it away, and also the place names I didn’t recognize. Edelweiss, I think, were one of them,” said Perry in an interview with CBC’s As It Happens.

“I put a post up then to say, sort of, ‘Whoops, I’m sorry I’ve joined the wrong Wakefield group, I’m in the U.K. and hope you all stay safe across the pond’.”

A number of Canadians began asking her how things were over in the UK. Given that Perry’s daughter and son-in-law are both in the health profession and had caught COVID-19 at the time, Perry was happy to have a bit of a distraction. It was during one of their online chats that one group member came up with the idea to send Perry a care package.

Within a short time a large package containing maple syrup, honey, T-shirts, books and even a Wakefield nude calendar (which Perry had thought was a joke) arrived on her doorstep.

Perry told the Wakefield Express that the package also included a gift from the mayor in Quebec for the mayor in the British Wakefield with a request for Perry to pass it along.

“…When the box were full, people donated money to buy the postage, which is just absolutely fabulous. It’s so, so humbling…. I shed a few tears actually,” said Perry.

Sue Perry

Perry says her mayor of Wakefield would like to send a return care package to Quebec, which she will of course contribute.

Since her story has spread, Perry has heard from many people. She thinks people love her story because it reveals how much we all have in common with one another. A message that was written on the parcel by someone while in transit reinforces this sentiment. It read, “The spirit of love and kindness is alive and well in the heart of human kind.”

You can listen to Perry’s full interview with CBC here.

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