Woman Boldly Fights Off Carjackers At Gas Station

A Milwaukee woman refused to let thieves from stealing her car and jumped on the hood of her car at a gas station to stop them. Surveillance video from the BP station in Milwaukee shows Melissa Smith, 27, stopping the would-be carjackers by jumping onto her minivan. The footage is now going viral.

Melissa pulled into the gas station around 2pm on Tuesday May 23, 2017 and stepped outside of her vehicle to get her receipt at the pump when a black car pulled up and a man slid into her car. He began to drive off, but Melissa, who is a sales person and depends on her car, said her first thought “This is not happening to me today.”

Melissa says the young man in her car laughed at her as was she laying on the hood, trying to stop him from driving off. “He looked at me and laughed at me and that really irritated me,” she told WISN. The thief tried several times to throw her from the car as she held onto the windshield wipers.

Eventually the robber jumped back into the car with his friends, but he did not put the car in park and the car continued to roll into traffic. Melissa managed to jump off the hood and chased after the car to put the breaks on and stop it from hitting anyone else. The thief made off with her purse, wallet and iPhone. Melissa admits it wasn’t the smartest move and that she can’t believe she reacted like that, but said it was her “instinct reaction”

No suspects have been arrested, Milwaukee police said Thursday. And unfortunately the vehicle the teens were riding in was stolen.

As ill-advised as it is was to jump onto the hood of the car, you have got to admire her tenacity. And when the car rolled into traffic – I’m just super impressed.

Melissa posted about her adventure on Facebook and shared the footage writing:

“So yesterday was super fun….There are a couple things that I could have done differently to prevent this. However, how these teens run around doing this for fun is absolutely atrocious. The car these teens were in was also stolen earlier yesterday.

“I know my reaction was not the smartest nor safest but it was my instinct reaction. These 4 teens showed no remorse for what they were doing as they laughed at me while attempting to steal my car. They did make away with my purse, iPhone, and wallet.

“I would like to thank all of the good people in this world who stopped to help me! To the teens that did this – This is not cool and it will not make you successful or good honest money.”

Watch the original surveillance video footage below. Note: it may take a few seconds for the video to load.

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