Police Warn That Car Crime Called ‘Sliding’ Is On The Rise

Police call them “sliders” but do you know who they are? Police across the United States are warning car owners of car thieves sneaking into cars at gas stations and stealing purses from unsuspecting victims!

The thieves wait for the person to get out of their car to pump gas, before “sliding” into the car. Crouched over, the thief opens the passenger door, steals a purse or other valuables, and slides back out without the driver noticing.

These slippery thieves mostly target women, who tend to leave their purse in the passenger seat while they fill the tank, making it easy for the robbers to snatch it.

Police recommend locking your car at the pump, even if you are right by the car or take your purse with you and have it on your person.

Share this important tip with your family and friends and take precautions to protect your valuables!

Here’s another instance of a “slider” in action. Remember to try and keep the passenger side of your vehicle locked!

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