Wild Horse Saving Young Filly From Drowning Caught On Camera

Champ is a wild stallion that lives in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, United States with his family. He and his family were grazing by the banks of Salt River when a filly in his group got herself into trouble. The proud stallion came to her rescue and Becky Standridge, a Park Service volunteer, was on hand to capture the remarkable moment on film.

Champ and his family were grazing along the banks of the Salt River when another group of horses appeared on the opposite bank.

Salt River horses

Credit: Salt River Horses YouTube


Credit: YouTube

Among the other group were two playful colts.


Credit: YouTube

Champ and his family became interested in the other horses.


Credit: YouTube

Champ and a few of the horses began crossing the river to greet the other horses, when suddenly the river’s current forced a young filly under the water.


Credit: YouTube

She was pulled under the water and came to the surface in a panic!


Credit: YouTube

Champ swam over to her and tried to grab the filly by the side of her neck but he was unable to get a hold of her.


Credit: YouTube

The filly began to be swept downstream by the current. But Champ did not give up.


Credit: YouTube

Champ broke from the group and swam after her.


Credit: YouTube

This time he was able to grab her by the back of her neck.


Credit: YouTube

He held her gently and and did not let go until she was safely back on shore.


Credit: YouTube

Once on the river bank, the relieved filly headed straight to her mother.


Credit: YouTube

Champ continued on to see the other horses.


Credit: YouTube

He met with the stallion of the other group and the two horses greeted each other with mutual respect.


Credit: YouTube

Afterwards, Champ returned to his family and the herd continued on their way.


Credit: YouTube

What an amazing horse! You can find out more about the Salt River Wild Horses, a non-profit with a mission to protect and preserve the horses of the Tonto National Forest on Facebook.

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