Wild Flamingo Returns To Rescuer And Runs To Her For Hug

A few years ago, Elly Albers with Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab took in a baby flamingo for the very first time to rescue and rehabilitate.

The baby flamingo’s parents had left her behind but she quickly attached to Elly and would follow her around. But when she was able to fly she took off and went back into the wild. After Baby left, Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab was born. Located in the Caribbean island of Bonaire, Elly’s rescue soon became known for its rescue of birds. Within three months, they took in 500 flamingos that were falling ill! In 2018, they rescued 355 baby flamingos from certain death.

“Together, we made the best of a tragedy and we have results to show for it,” Elly writes on GoFundMe. “All flamingos were released back into the wild and although a small group still returns every morning for breakfast, their integration back into the wild was a huge success.”

She calls this group “the Breakfast Club.” And wouldn’t you know it, on one occasion Baby was among them and she remembered Elly and came over for a hug!

Baby is now a mature flamingo and raising her own family! But every year there are flamingos to rescue. To support Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab visit their GoFundMe or Facebook page.

Here’s a compilation of more video of Baby during her stay.

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