Weatherman Tries to Conceal A Fart While Live On Camera

A weatherman threw out a little something extra in his broadcast when he appears to fart on live television. Although he steps backwards to hide his bum “off frame” that doesn’t hide the sound of a strong ripper!

In this hilarious clip, Alabama weatherman Chris Dunn is halfway through reading out the temperatures in Mobile when he pauses, takes a step backwards, bends slightly over and seemingly lets one rip.

The person who recorded the Snapchat video captioned the video, “Sure sounds like gas to us”. Others agree, but were skeptical of Dunn’s attempts to hide it. One viewer commented: “That was a forced out fart. That was no attempt to conceal. That guy aimed and fired.”

“You’re not kidding he literally aimed his ass out of camera view,” another person wrote. “He was probably thinking the camera couldn’t hear his fart. This is incredible.”

Others have joked that maybe he was trying to indicate there would be a warm breeze from the west?

Check out the hilarious clip below.

Weatherman Tries to Conceal a Fart on Camera from videos

For a longer clip of the “strong ripper” (14 seconds in), take a look at the video posted by The Woody Show below.

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