‘Something Special Happened’ When A Trooper Responded To An Abandoned Dog Call

“Something special happened” when a Michigan State Police trooper responded to a call about an abandoned animal. Trooper Kayla Moore soon found the abandoned dog, loaded the pup in her vehicle, and then drove her to Antrim County Animal Control.

But that special something happened on the drive. The dog was in the back seat of the cruiser but inched closer and closer to Trooper Moore’s heart.

“While she was taking the dog to the shelter, something special happened,” Michigan State Police (MSP) wrote on Twitter. “They formed a bond.”

Trooper Moore knew from a report issued by the shelter that the dog had been abandoned. So by the time she and the dog arrived at the shelter, Moore knew what she wanted to do – she wanted to adopt the pup.

“Trooper Moore and the dog seemed to be a perfect match,” MSP wrote in another tweet. “When they arrived at the Antrim County Animal Shelter, Tpr. Moore filled out an application to adopt Rosie to give her a forever home.”

According to MSP, Rosie is part of a litter of young dogs that the MSP Canine Teams have been searching for. The dogs were among many dogs abandoned in the Jordan Valley area. The shelter has managed to catch many of the pups, and the pups are looking for homes.

But Rosie lucked out and got a loving home before she even arrived at the shelter, all thanks to Trooper Moore!

Both MSP and Antrim County Animal Control want to bring attention to the other pups that need home. MSP wrote, “The investigation continues into the abandoned dogs in Antrim County, but there is another issue. The animal shelter is at capacity. If you have room in your heart and home, please consider adopting a dog or a cat.”

Antrim County Animal Control

The shelter added, “One of our awesome MSP officers caught and is adopting this sweet girl, now named ‘Rosie.’ We think she was with the group of dogs that Moore’s Lost K9 Search & Recovery has been trapping for us in the Jordan Valley.

“All of the dogs will be needing understanding, patient, loving homes,” the shelter continued. “They will need help with leash walking and over coming their fear of most things and people. They are all very sweet, they just need some TLC and time. Please call us if you might be interested in adopting, 231-533-6421. They all love other dogs their size.”

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