Video Reveals Brazen Tricks Thieves Use To Steal Mobile Phones Right From Your Hand

With smartphones becoming more and more expensive, they’ve increasingly become attractive items for thieves. That’s especially the case in Brazil, where pickpocketers have been filmed working in teams to snatch phones from unsuspecting people.

The video below shows some of the tricks the thieves use to steal them. Working in tag teams, one will shove the victim from behind while the other snags the phone and walks away. They may even hand it off to another accomplice before moving onto the next victim!

As these videos show, it’s not a good idea to take your phone out in areas known for theft. Even if you feel like answering a text, it’s safer to leave your phone secured in your purse or pocket until you are somewhere safer than the street.

But these aren’t the only tricks thieves use to steal mobile devices. The majority of phones are actually stolen when someone leaves a phone unattended on a table. Many people may leave their phone on a table briefly to go to pick up their coffee from the service counter and, just like that, their phone is gone.

Public transit areas are also popular areas for thieves to snatch your phone, especially if it’s hanging out of the top of your bag or just tucked away in your pant pocket.

So be careful when walking and talking with your mobile and share this video with your friends who may be traveling to areas known for cellular theft.

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