Tom Sings ‘Raise Your Hand’ With Janis Joplin In Groovy Duet

It’s amazing what musical duets can be unearthed on YouTube. A duet between Johnny Cash and John Denver? No problem it’s here. Elvis and a wooden puppet. Yep, here.

And now comes this duet between Tom Jones and Janis Joplin. They are on stage for a performance of “Raise Your Hand” from Jones’ TV show ‘This Is Tom Jones’ that aired in 1969.

Jones is listening intently to his singing partner before joining the rock star for an energetic (and groovy) performance.

The video has been viewed over 9 million times. One viewer was impressed by the way Jones seems to adapt to whoever his singing partner is. “This is just outstanding…I have watched him now with Cher, and with Wilson Pickett — he can adapt to whatever style of his guests, and really make them look good,” they commented. “Tom Jones, what a talent!”

Another viewer noted how energetic he seemed. “I have never seen tom jones rock so hard in his life – Janis really brings out the best in her singing partners.”

The song is available on Amazon.

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