Rare Video Of John Denver And Johnny Cash Singing ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ Unearthed

A rare video of John Denver and Johnny Cash singing a duet of Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” has appeared on YouTube much to the delight of music lovers everywhere. The two legendary singers play their guitars and sing an acoustic version of the famous tune, surprising many with their perfect harmony.

It also came as a surprise the two ever sang together. One viewer commented, “Two of my all time favorites playing together?” Others want to know where and when it happened. One person remarked that it’s from a 1977 John Denver special ‘Thank god I’m a Country Boy’ where Denver had an array of country music artists as guests.

Apparently, “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, made famous by Denver, was originally written to sell to Johnny Cash, but Denver heard it first and knew he wanted to be the one to sing it. But talk about a “full-circle moment” as the two performers sing the song together. The two are obviously loving the opportunity to sing together as they’re smiling the entire time.

Watch this musical gem in the video below.

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