Tiny Dog Hilariously Finds Courage To Get Into Bed With Cat

How this tiny rescue dog works up her nerve to climb into bed with the family’s cat is absolutely adorable! Peaches the Chihuahua wants to cuddle up next to Samuel the cat in his bed and so comes up with a clever way to snuggle up close to Samuel.

Tiktokker @leafygarnish shared the cute video of Peaches facing her fear, butt first. She posted the cute clip accompanied by a narrator saying, “I’m just going to scooch in here if you don’t mind.”

@leafygarnish Reply to @curtismckillop ♬ original sound – jaycehardy

Peaches approaches the situation very cautiously and her technique of “putting it in reverse” seems pretty smart to us because it also leaves her the option of making a hasty getaway if Samuel didn’t like her visit. And bless her heart, Peaches is successful in cuddling up next to Samuel!

The video became an instant hit and has received several million views. Peaches’ mom filmed another quick Tiktok video to explain Peaches wasn’t trying to pee or poo on Samuel, like some people thought. She thinks Peaches just wanted to cuddle with Samuel in his bed. Heartwarmingly, she added that all the animals are rescues!

@leafygarnish #stitch with @leafygarnish #fyp #cat #dog ♬ original sound – leafygarnish

The original video of Peaches is accompanied by the popular meme sound clip “Don’t Be Suspicious” from TV show Parks and Recreation.

@leafygarnish #cat #dog #dontbesuspicious #fyp ♬ original sound – Hao-Nhien Vu

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