Sweet Dog Can’t Wait To Go Visit Her 85-Year-Old Next Door Neigbhors

When it comes to visiting the next door neighbors, Charly the Maltese is out of the house in a flash and racing to their front door!

Charly’s mom shared an adorable video of a recent visit on TikTok and captioned the video, “When your dog is best friends with your 85 year old next door neighbors.”

In the heartwarming video, Charly dashes outside, but not too fast as to get out of sight of her mom. @charlythemaltese13 explains, “she always makes sure to wait for me no matter how excited she is!”

Seconds later, Charly is at the neighbors’ door and pawing it to let her senior friends know she’s arrived. As soon as she’s inside she is so delighted. Part of her excitement might be because the elderly couple has treats that they bought specifically for her! But it’s also because she loves them a lot.

@charlythemaltese13 Charly loves her neighbors! #wholesomecontent #wholesomevideos #adorable #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok ♬ Old Disney Swing Jazz – Nico

That love goes both ways that’s for sure. If the photo of Charly on their wall isn’t proof enough, one viewer noted, “I bet they love Charly back!” and @charlythemaltese13 responded, “Oh they sure do!”

Another person commented, “Wow 85 yrs old and can kneel to give him treats. What sweethearts they are.”

@charlythemaltese13 answered, “Omg I knowww.”

“Such a sweet baby,” another viewer said of Charly. “They probably look forward to these visits so much.”

“I think they do too!” @charlythemaltese13 said.

It’s so wonderful that mom captured such a genuine, loving moment between her dog and the neighbors.

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