Streets Run Red With Wine In Portuguese Town After Storage Vats Burst

The streets ran red. Red with wine that is. Nearly 600,000 gallons (2.3 million litres) of red wine flooded the streets of a town in Andia, Portugal, catching the locals off guard.

The strange incident occurred after storage tanks at the Destilaria Levira winery burst open in São Lourenço do Bairro.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident and not much property damage. The winery took full responsibility for the accident and the town’s fire department managed to route the wine away from a nearby river and damned up the wine before funnelling it to the local wastewater facility.

There was minimal damage to property. The local fire department routed the drunken torrent away from the river, dammed it and took it off to a local wastewater facility. The winery has taken full responsibility for the accident.

A local who filmed the wine flowing through the streets wrote [translated], “True river of wine in Anadia. Calamity!” no doubt because of all that wine down the drain!


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