Street Dog Shivering From Near Fatal Spinal Injury Heals Under Loving Care

A street dog hit by a car survived thanks to the actions of a passing motorist.

“A woman driving in her car had spotted a badly injured street dog lying on the side of the road,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote on YouTube. “She immediately stopped her car and put large stones around the dog to protect him from being hit by another oncoming car, and then she called our helpline.”

“The dog was in so much pain from the accident he was hyperventilating and shivering,” the rescue group continued. “We rushed him back to Animal Aid’s hospital, treated him for pain, and began his 6 weeks of rest and physiotherapy to help him walk again.”

Pintu was such a trusting patient, he let rescuers massage him and help him stand up. His progress was slow but he kept trying. Six weeks later, Pintu was back on his feet and running around!

Watch Pintu’s heartwarming recovery in the video below.

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