Stray Dog Sneaks Into Store For A Good Night’s Sleep And Puts Himself On Display

A few weeks ago, pedestrians walking by a popular textile shop in southern Brazil spotted something unusual on display in the window. There, sleeping on the demo bed, was a small stray dog.

Adri Xica

The clever dog found himself the perfect place to sleep when an unexpected cold snap descended on the city of Mafra in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The following morning, as the sun rose, people walking by the well-known Maristela Textiles store noticed the pup enjoying a nap on the bed.

A few photos were snapped and a local celebrity was born.

The homeless dog appears to have gotten into the shop without owner Ana Maria Witt knowing he had snuck in and after she had closed up the shop for the night he made himself comfortable, according to the news site ANDA.

When Witt opened her shop in the morning the dog politely exited, but unbeknownst to him, animal rescuers in the town were determined to track him down. Juliana Koerich and Adri Xica were two of the rescuers who went out looking for the dog after recognizing him in the photos.

Koerich told ANDA that the dog is very affectionate and had recently appeared in the area and desperately needed a loving home. She thanked the store for receiving the furry intruder so kindly, saying, “the whole city is filled with joy to see this special showcase.”

Keorich and Xica did manage to find him and they gave him food and took him to a vet. They also let people in the media and online know that if anyone was interested in giving the pup a home they should contact them and someone did!

A young man named Lucas has adopted the dog, now named Thor. He had seen photos of Thor and knew he could give him a loving home. Xica told the Dodo that the dog, who “was advertising himself” for adoption now sleeps on his own sofa. So maybe that was Thor’s plan all along, he put himself on display to let the city know he was ready for a home!

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