Stray Dog Melts Into Man’s Arms When He Gives Her A Hug

Thailand is a country filled with abandoned and stray dogs – an estimated 730,000. They roam the streets and beaches and many are in poor health and maltreated, as they live alongside the people and try to scrounge for food. The dogs are often abandoned when their owners think they are no longer fun to play with or they don’t have the money to care for them.

In this video entitled “The First Hug”, a young man named Sorasart Wisetsin is making it his mission to give street dogs love and compassion and to help raise awareness for responsible dog ownership.

Wisetsin rescued two stray dogs off the streets, one who he named Gluta, and since then he’s been helping the stray dogs in his community. He gives them baths, and in this video, he gives them hugs. The dogs’ reactions are touching, especially the one at 1:59.

It just goes to show, that a small bit of love and attention can make a difference.

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