Man Washes Stray Dogs In Thailand And Improves Their Lives Immeasurably

What this man is doing to help improve the lives of stray dogs in his neighborhood is simple yet profound. A few years ago, Sorasart Wisetsin rescued a stray dog off the streets of Thailand when she showed up at his dormitory.

He named her Gluta and spent several years nursing her back to health after she was diagnosed with multiple health problems (including cancer). Once she was better, she became the “happiest dog in the world”.

Wisetin continues to take care of Gluta, but he also wants to help other stray dogs (or “soi dogs” as they are known in Thailand) and he does through giving them baths!

Some of the dogs don’t look like they appreciate it so much at first, but this small gesture probably goes a long way to keeping these street dogs clean and healthy. As Wisetsin shows in the video, we can all help the less fortunate if we take the time.

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