Squirrel Stuck in Bird Feeder Gets Fat Shamed

We admit it. We’re guilty of indulging a little too much in the winter, but who hasn’t? Take this squirrel, for example. This hungry fellow thought he had struck the jackpot when he found a bird feeder, so he just slipped in to have a snack. Only problem is, the chunky squirrel couldn’t slip back out once he had indulged in his feast.

That necessitated a call to the RSPCA from the couple in Surrey, England who found him. As the wildlife officer used some clippers to free the squirrel, the homeowner couldn’t help but chastise the squirrel a bit for indulging too much.

But the squirrel isn’t likely to take the advice too much to heart. He is a squirrel after all, and they are all about hoarding for the winter. And really, who would pass up such an easy meal?

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