Spectacular Human Tower in Tarragona Wows Spectators

Every summer in Tarragona, Spain, people put on a spectacle that has been a tradition for hundreds of years. The ‘Castells’ (human towers) tradition is a popular event that involves people creating human towers up to a height of between six and ten tiers!

One person in Valls, Tarragona on June 23, 2023 shared a video of the amazing event and said this particular Castell is one of the hardest. They explain:

“Spectacular human tower composed of a base of 4 people and nine floors, and inside another tower with 7 floors. It is called ‘4de9 amb folre i pilar’, and it is one of the most difficult human towers. It was achieved by the Colla Vella dels Xiquets de Valls and the success took place at the festival of Sant Joan on June 23 in Valls, Tarragona.”

We were on the edge of our seats watching it. Take a look below:

According to Spain’s official website castells have been awarded the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity designation.

The two videos below goes more into the history and origins of this Catalan Tradition.

The castells are a symbol of independent kingdoms, National Geographic writes. “The structures are not typical fortresses—notably, they are made of flesh and bone rather than sandstone or granite—but their strong foundations serve as a unifying force for many Catalonians.

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