Fun Speakeasy Bar Hides Behind Secret Door In Bookcase

A man recently revealed a secret bar that he created in his house in Nashville, Tennessee that cleverly hides behind a bookcase. The R Bar, as he calls it, is only accessible through the secret door which is “equipped with a magnetic lock and biometric scanner that is hidden in a fake book!”

Once the door opens, the R Bar reveals itself and it’s a pretty classy establishment. There are helves of bottles, a couple of comfy chairs, a bar with stools and is that an old-fashioned record player?

We love the ornamental coffered ceiling!

There’s also a wide selection of bourbon, whiskeys and other alcohol to choose from!

Some thought went into creating the shelves.

The homeowner says that after seeing how popular his reveal became he created an Instagram and TikTok page (@the_r_bar)so that people can “reach out with questions so they can make their own bars too!”

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