Soldier Nervously Waits For The Dog He Served With To Arrive Off The Plane

Retired military dogs who are being put up for adoption are getting a second life alongside the soldiers they served with, all thanks to Molli Oliver. One military dog and her partner know this first hand after they were reunited recently.

Taylor (aka “Tay-Tay” or “Princess Taylor”) served several tours in Afghanistan, protecting Sgt. Tom Hanson and his fellow soldiers. She was so good at her job that the Taliban put a bounty on her head.

When Taylor retired from military duty, she was ready to go to a home. But as much as handlers want to reunite with their former battle buddies, the process can be extremely costly, making adoption a challenge.

Molli realized this and decided to help. The flight attendant says her true passion is in reuniting military personnel with the military dogs they served with. That’s why she pays and arranges to fly the dogs to where they need to be.

In the video below, Sgt. Hanson is nervously waiting for Tay-Tay to arrive. Meanwhile, Molli is sitting in first class with Taylor, reassuring the dog that they’re going to see “daddy” soon!

Watch the tearful reunion between these long-time friends. Taylor is so excited she runs straight into Hanson’s open arms!

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