Hidden Camera Footage Shows Sneaky Dog Raiding The Fridge

When this dog’s family started to notice items missing from their fridge, they decided to figure out who the culprit was.

They suspected that their dog was responsible after they noticed he had helped himself to a snack after figuring out how to open it.

After the second time food went missing, the dog’s human taped the fridge shut and set up a camera to see if he would try to open it again. The video below is the resulting footage…naughty dog!

I think the dog’s human is going to need to abandon the tape and get a fridge lock if she wants to keep her food safe from her smart dog!

Sometimes the mischief in the kitchen can also be dangerous, with many kitchen fires being started by dogs accidentally switching on the burners. That’s why it’s a good idea to never leave food on top of the stove. Fridges? You’re stuck leaving the food inside and hoping you don’t have a clever dog like this one!

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