Sea Lion Takes A Swim At Beach Resort And Steals Man’s Chair

When a tourist sits in Wendy the sea lion’s favorite poolside chair, she has something to say about that.

A couple honeymooning in the Galápagos Islands shared the cute video that shows a sea lion coming ashore at a beachside hotel, climbing up some stairs and then diving into the swimming pool before emerging at the poolside and approaching a man sitting in a chair.

“This sea lion, Wendy, and her pup, Lulu, visit this hotel in the Galápagos Islands on a daily basis. Often times found swimming in the pool and lounging on their favorite chairs taking long naps,” says the newlywed.

“The animals here are so respected and loved – everyone is asked to keep a 6-foot distance from them and absolutely no touching or feeding them. I took this video while sitting on our balcony,” she adds. “My husband and I were in the Galápagos for our honeymoon.”

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