Man Shows Just How Easy It Is To ‘Roofie’ Someone’s Drink

Just how easy is it to slip a date rape drug (“roofie) into an unsuspecting person’s drink? Very easy, according to YouTuber, Joey Salads. Salads has done a number of social experiment videos, such as his child abduction social experiment, that highlight dangers that people should be aware of in order to help lessen the threat.

In this video, he shows just how easy it is to “roofie” someone’s drink and put them at risk. Salads says he wants to “figure out how easy it is to drug a girl” and he visits a bar where he manages to slip something completely harmless into several different women’s drinks, even with their friends nearby.

Although Salads chastises the women’s friends and cautions them to be more vigilant, it’s not always possible for friends to keep an eye on a drink at all times, especially in a busy bar. That’s where knowing the warning signs that a “roofied” drink can cause is important not only to the victim but also to his/her friends. It also can be something, bystanders can look out for, as was the case when three women out noticed a woman’s date slip something in her drink and stepped in to save her.

Here are a few things to be aware of.

– if you suddenly feeling drowsy and/or nauseated
– feel flushed or body temperature suddenly warm
– feel like you’ve drunk more than you’ve actually consumed
– unsteady on your feet
– unable to mentally focus

Lastly, trust your instincts. If you suspect that you’ve been drugged, let a friend or your group’s “designated driver” know and/or inform the restaurant’s management.

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