Realtor Recounts Funny Story Of How Her Dress Flew Over Her Head While Showing A Home

Need a good laugh? Then take a listen to real estate agent Sam Staskal’s funny story about a recent house showing she had. The Wisconsin realtor shared a video with her hilarious account of how she embarrassed herself and it quickly went viral.

Staskal was showing a home to a potential buyer when all of a sudden she let out a shriek and found herself sprawled on the ground with her dress hiked over her head. It was complete chaos and confusion. She says she doesn’t even know how it happened but admitted, “I’m clumsy and I’m a big girl.”

Staskal certainly has a sense of humor about herself, laughing throughout her confession and joking “some kind of professional real estate agent I am.”

Viewers loved her account and laughed right along with her.

“I love that you can’t even get the story out because you’re laughing so hard. I’m dying laughing too,” wrote one person on Facebook.

Deb Taylor asked, “Sooo. Did he make an offer? On the house I mean. You are so hilarious.”

Others pointed out it could have been worse, commenting, “At least you had underwear on!”

Christina Peterson was curious if Staskal was able to close the sale. “[D]id you sell the house to the guy? Did the fiancé come to look at it yet? Curious.” Staskal responded jokingly, “No specifics. I don’t want anyone going through their surveillance footage!” before clarifying that the house wasn’t the right one for her buyer but she is showing “him AND his fiancé more houses.”

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