Mama Raccoon Gets Stuck In Roof Trying To Get Back To Her Babies

A mama raccoon got into a tough spot when trying to get back to her babies. But thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

Wildlife Emergency Services in California received a call from a concerned homeowner in the Santa Cruz Mountains after the homeowner discovered a racoon had chewed through their roof and gotten herself stuck.

According to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, the animal trying to get back to her babies after the homeowners had the attic vent fixed and closed off. The repairers and homeowner were unaware the raccoon had given birth and taken up residence in the attic with her young.

The mother raccoon was desperate to get back to her babies so tried to claw and bite her way through the roof. Unfortunately, she got stuck as a result.

Wildlife Emergency Services knew the raccoon was at risk of suffocating. “Knowing that time was critical, they instructed the citizen how to push the raccoon through the hole so it wouldn’t suffocate,” Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter explained on Facebook.

And when the rescue crew arrived they were able to free the mama raccoon and reunite her with her babies.

Humane Wildlife Control Inc. commented that the story is a “good reminder to not close up openings without taking precautions – animals might be inside.”

Connie Maschan agreed with Humane Wildlife Control Inc’s comment and said, “I’m a volunteer with Native Animal Rescue and went out to help a tenant whose landlord had sealed vents to the house trapping the babies inside and causing the mama bird to get stuck elsewhere trying to get to them.”

In the case of this mama, she is luckily back safe with her babies and Wildlife Emergency Services will help the homeowner “set up a repellant barrier to safely and humanely have mama and her kids move along to a more appropriate home.”

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