Porch Pirate Attempts Getaway But is Hilariously Thwarted By Snow Bank

A man allegedly attempting to steal a package from a homeowner’s porch in the Canadian city of Mississauga, Ontario was dealt some instant karma when he tried to flee. The would-be thief was caught on camera by the homeowner who surprised him by opening the door with a camera in hand.

“You’re done,” the person behind the camera shouts as the man drops the package and flees to his car, saying “sorry”. But moments later karma strikes. As the porch pirate attempts his getaway putting his car in reverse, he backs straight into a snowbank and gets stuck.

The car’s wheels spin in place and the man is unable to escape. As the man desperately tries to free his car, the cameraman calmly asks if the man if he wants him to get a snow shovel. And as the alleged thief continues to attempt to free the car, the homeowner begins to give him instructions on how to do it, letting him know that he’ll not get the car to go anywhere until the front wheels get onto the ground.

The entire funny exchange was posted to social media where it has quickly gone viral.

Can we just interject here and say that the alleged thief saying “sorry” and the cameraman trying to give the man advice on freeing his car strikes us as just so politely Canadian! It wasn’t long before the police did arrive and pulled the man from the stuck car (this too was captured on camera).

Peel Regional Police later told news outlets that the 33-year-old man from Brampton was arrested in connection with the incident that occurred at 2:30pm on January 4th. The man has been charged with one count of theft under $5,000 and one count of fraud. He is scheduled to appear in court in the near future.

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