Police Find Abandoned Puppy In Crate On The Brink Of Death

When Austin police first saw Sophie, they thought the tiny puppy abandoned in a crate on the side of a road was no longer alive. But she was still breathing, although barely clinging to life!

Austin Police Department

They rushed to Austin Animal Center where she would to get a second chance thanks to a kind-hearted vet tech named Elizabeth who refused to give up on her. “Sophie was incredibly thin, anemic and we didn’t know if she would survive,” wrote Austin Animal Center.

Austin Police Department

After a short time of loving care, she had gained a few pounds and was able to walk. “She is up and walking around! She’s also gained four pounds already since the first day she was found.”

Sophie’s transformation in just a few months from when she was found on the brink of death to up and alert and walking is astounding!

Here she is with Officer Schwettman, the animal cruelty detective that rescued her.

And here she is cuddling with Elizabeth, her foster mom. But the best news of all is that Sophie’s foster mom, Elizabeth, ended up taking her home permanently!

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