Musician Plays Banjo For A Wild Fox Who Comes Back For An Encore

Andy Thorn is the banjo player in the band Leftover Salmon and when he recently finished a summer tour he went home and played music for a wild fox in Boulder Heights.

There, in the hills, with a beautiful sunset in the background, the fox dropped by to listen to him play.

Thorn wrote of the video, “When your summer tours end, so you’re testing out some new material on a fox — and they come back for an encore.”

Viewers loved the tranquil scene. “Magical! Everything from the sunset to the landscape and the fact that a fox is captivated by your music is just amazing,” wrote one viewer.

“I think when your musical audience is a wild fox you must be living right,” commented another.

“You know it’s a great musical performance when the crowd is going wild,” concluded another viewer.

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