Pit Bull Puppy Digs Up Fully-Loaded Gun, Helps Avert Potential Tragedy

A puppy is being commended by police for sniffing out a hidden fully-loaded gun in a residential neighborhood.

“It’s not every day a puppy sniffs out a fully loaded gun, but that’s exactly what happened Tuesday,” the Greenville Police Department in North Carolina wrote on Facebook.

“Officer Edwards and Officer Allen were dispatched to Rosemont Apartments where a pit bull puppy, named Ryder, had dug up a fully loaded 38 special revolver wrapped in a t-shirt,” the department explained, while sharing a photo of the two officers with the puppy.

Ryder’s owner called the police, who made sure the weapon was secured.

“Officers safely unloaded the weapon and it’s now stored in property and evidence,” they said. “There’s a good chance little Ryder may have prevented a tragedy…he certainly prevented the gun from winding up in the wrong hands!”

“These two thankful GPD officers couldn’t help but stop for a picture with their newfound friend.”

The department couldn’t help but note that the pup might be perfectly suited for K9 work, given his knack for finding illegal firearms, writing “There may be some freelance work in the near future for Ryder…we’ll have our people call yours, bud. ;)”

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