Rescued Pit Bull Has An Epic Case Of The Zoomies After Eating Pizza Crust

Two years ago, The Mighty Finn wouldn’t take a treat. The Pit Bull had been rescued from an infamous dog fighting ring that saw . The dogs were known as “the 367” because of the number of dogs rescued from the multi-state raid lead by the FBI, HSUS and ASPCA. Many of the dogs were luckily rehabilitated and found homes, and Finn was one of the lucky ones.

He may not have liked treats a few years ago, but just look at him now! When his human offers him some pizza crust he can’t contain his excitement and zooms all over the room! He’s so excited that his mom thinks he might need a helmet and shoulder pads next time because he’s literally bouncing off the walls!

Finn’s mom also wants to assure everyone that Finn’s “pizza crust zoomies” is not guarding behavior. She says he has “zero resource guarding”. But he does have a serious love for pizza! Finn also loves dogs, people and kitty cats too! It’s so good to see a dog with such a traumatic past being so happy and carefree!

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