Pink Comically Reveals How Bon Jovi Broke Her Heart And Made Husband Jealous In Carpool Karaoke

Pink joined James Corden for one of his popular ‘Carpool Karaoke’ rides and revealed how Jon Bon Jovi caused her first heartbreak and made her husband jealous.

Corden and Pink commute around Los Angeles while singing her classics and sharing funny stories. Pink revealed that she was convinced she was going to marry Jon Bon Jovi when she was a young girl, only to have her hopes dashed when she read he had married his high-school sweetheart.

When the two met years later, Pink told Corden that she told Bon Jovi about her childhood crush. In response, Bon Jovi responded with a gesture that Pink thought was hilarious, but her husband, Carey Hart, didn’t.

“He sent me a flower arrangement with a pair of leather pants,” the singer said. “The flower basket was like life-size, and there was a pair of leather pants with a note that said, ‘Now you can finally get into my pants.’” She said Hart threw the pants out the window. I can’t really fault him for that, they were from Bon Jovi after all.

As their ride continues, Pink and Corden ends with a wacky test – can you sing better upside down? Watch the funny carpool and conversations in the video below.

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