Pet Flying Squirrel Hilariously Fakes ‘Crime Scene’ With A Broom

A pet flying squirrel’s hilarious way of getting his mom’s attention is winning him fans across the Internet. In the cute clip shared by his mom, two-year-old Bobo knocks over a broom, crawls under it and then stretches out his arms making him look like he’s been flattened by the broom!

Oh no, poor Bobo! He looks like he’s been knocked out cold or worse, murdered! The funny squirrel can be seen breaking character a few times as if checking to see if his performance is having its desired effect.

Here’s the version on Twitter.

His mom, Joe, filmed Bobo’s antics in their home in Taiwan.

She told Newsflare, “Bobo has unlocked new skills. He can do heavy-weight training and he has learned how to be an actor.” She says she’s had Bobo since he was a baby and that he is very smart and mischievous.

Joe added, “Bobo has his own personality just like a human…Mostly he likes to play games and get my attention.”

Flying squirrels can be kept as pets and although they can make for great pets they are nocturnal animals and require a fair deal of attention and care from their caregivers. Not all states permit flying squirrels to be kept as pets.

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