Pelican with Large Fish Stuck in His Mouth Rescued from Choking

A family came to the rescue of a pelican after spotting it choking on a fish. The distressed bird was in the water at a dock in Englewood, Florida with the fish stuck on its beak. In the video shared to YouTube, a young girl can be heard crying out, “He’s choking. Save him!”

That’s when one of two men in a boat reach over to the bird to try and pull the fish out, which proved more challenging than they initially thought for one terrible reason. The rescuers noted, “The fish had a double-sided hook in his mouth which stuck into the pelican.”

When they realized the fish was hooked onto the pelican the two men worked together, and ever so delicately, to remove the fish from the pelican’s mouth. No wonder the bird couldn’t swallow the fish down!

Thankfully, the pelican is okay and hopefully will never make such an unlucky catch again.

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