Paul Hunt’s Gymnastics Routine On Beam Is Comedy Gold

Paul Hunt is well known for his comedic gymnastic routines. Whether they be on the floor, the uneven bars, or as in the video below the balance beam.

For an extra touch of humor Hunt (or should we say Paulette Huntinova) wears a yellow tutu with a smile on it. And when he lowers himself down into those splits…priceless.

Decades later, his parody routines still are hilarious. Viewers have watched his videos tens of millions of times. One viewer sums up his genius by commenting, “How hard he has to work to look bad…it’s magnificent!”

“He is absolutely nuts,” said another. “I had the opportunity to see him perform in ‘97 or ‘98…absolutely genius. He had the audience cracking up with his routines that were truly difficult and filled with amazing gymnastics.”

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