Parrot Has Sweetest Reaction After Owner Bumps His Head

A parrot’s family shared a video of his sweet reaction after dad, Jeff, bumped his head while doing a repair in the kitchen.

In the video, Einstein the African Grey Parrot is watching Jeff fixing something under the kitchen cabinets when he notices Jeff bump his head. Concerned, the parrot immediately asks, “Are you all right?” to which Jeff responds, “Yah, I’m okay. Thanks for asking.”

Einstein’s owners wrote in the YouTube video’s description, “African Grey Parrots such as Einstein are extremely smart and Einstein has a vast vocabulary that he often uses in context.”

Not only is Einstein smart, he’s very caring too. That caring wasn’t lost on viewers.

Oner person commented, “Aww I love that he knows you hurt your head. To ask are you alright. He’s a lovely caring birdie.”

Bravo, Einstein! Very smart, caring and expressed with so much empathy for dad! And, yes, of course I am relieved that Jeff is all right,” said another viewer.

“Einstein is and always has been an amazing Parrot,” wrote a fan. “What stood out the most to me was when Jeff hit his head he didn’t verbalize saying “ouch” or make any hand gestures towards his head. Einstein witnessed him bumping his head and immediately asked Jeff ‘are you alright?’ Einstein’s response was so quick. He has such a beautiful bond and relationship with Jeff.”

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