Orphaned Zebra And Rhino Desperately Looking For A Friend Find Each Other

Modjadji was only a week old when she was rescued by Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary. The baby zebra had been abandoned in a severe thunderstorm and she desperately needed a friend. The very same week she was rescued, a little orphan rhino, Daisy, was found. The rhino was only a few hours old when her mother was killed by poachers.

Daisy really needed a friend too. Both were immediately curious about the other and their caregivers knew they might be able to help each other. And that’s exactly what happened. Both babies perked up around one another and soon their sorrows slipped away. Now the two want to do everything together.

When Daisy gets mud baths to keep her cool, Modjadhi wants the same spa treatment. And when Modjadhi gets brushed, Daisy wants one too. It’s like the two don’t know that they aren’t the same breed.

One day they will have families of their own. But for now they are each other’s family.

Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary writes on Instagram, “The relationship between these two babies is so special. Daisy really relies on Modjadji for support and friendship. Modjadji is so affectionate and protective of her friend. Whilst Daisy will eventually join the other orphaned rhinos and Modjadji will return to a herd of zebras, their unique friendship will always be a vital part of their rehabilitation journey.”

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