Family Transforms Old Stable Into Dream Home

Not many people would have the imagination or the will power take a crumbling, old stable and transform it into an off-the-grid luxury home! But when Carlos Alonso and his sister Camino were looking for a country home for their families, they found an abandoned cow stable in rural Spain and fell in love with it.

It was located high up on a hill and far away from any electrical grid or water supply. But this didn’t dissuade the brother and sister, who also happen to be partners at a Madrid architecture firm. Instead, they incorporated many of the natural features of the land and the old barn into the home.

The building’s southern exposure means the sun can be used as the main heat source in the winter. Large windows let the sun heat the home. Wooden shutters cover the windows and act as a “second skin” keeping the heat in at night or keeping it cool when they don’t want it as warm.

They use solar panels for the electricity in the summer and water from a nearby river creates electricity in the winter (generated through turbines).

They also use the river water to drink and supply their home. It’s so fresh that all they have to do is filter it to drink it. They also purify the waste water so it can be reused to water their lawns and garden. The Alonsos also turned the hay lofts into bedrooms.

It’s a truly sustainable home! Explore this incredible modernized stable in the video below!

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