Naughty Dog Spotted Carrying Chicken Releases it

They thought it was a murder most fowl but were about to be surprised. While traveling on a backroad in Alabama, the drivers spotted some “old run-down chicken houses.” A dog appeared and crossed the road in front of them with something in his mouth.

“This dog came trotting out with a dead chicken in his mouth,” the videographer wrote in the YouTube video’s description. Or so they thought.

Hearing the voices from the car, the dog turns to face the camera, the chicken firmly in his grasp. But the dog knows he’s been caught “red-handed” in his thievery because he opens his mouth and, plop, the chicken falls out of his mouth only to shock the witnesses by standing up!

The person filming revealed, “He [the dog] dropped it right on its feet and the chicken casually strolled away.” She added, “You could tell the dog knew this was naughty behavior.”

Bad luck for the naughty dog, lucky for the chicken!

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