Motorcyclist Spots Suicidal Man On A Bridge And Saves His Life

A motorcyclist is being hailed as a hero for saving a suicidal man who was perched on the edge of a bridge and ready to jump.

The intense scene was recorded in full on the Russian motorcyclist’s helmut cam. The motorcyclist caught sight of the man while traveling on a highway. There, above him on a bridge above the freeway, was a man standing precariously on the ledge of the bridge and contemplating jumping.

The motorcyclist carefully stopped and began gesturing to the man to get his attention. “Hey! No! Don’t do that! Let’s talk. Let’s go for a ride! I’ll give you a ride! Let’s go for a ride!” the motorcyclist is said to say in the video. As soon as the motorcyclist sees the man crawl back the railing from the edge he turns his motorbike around and races to the man’s side.

According to the video description, the suicidal man had been hitchhiking to his hometown go to his mother’s funeral and had a nervous breakdown. Police and medics are have said to have arrived 10 minutes after the video ends.

I’m so glad the motorcyclist was able to get through to the man and help him.

This isn’t the first time a motorcyclist has come to the aid of a person contemplating suicide. This biker came to the rescue of a suicidal woman in a dramatic rescue. Click here to watch the video.

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