Mom Can’t Sleep So She Grabs Hold Of Her Son For Impromptu Dance In Kitchen

It seems that when you have trouble sleeping in southern Louisiana, you dance! That’s what one mother revealed in a video of her and her son dancing in the kitchen. Their impromptu dance has since taken the Internet by storm.

It was a warm night in Napoleonville, Louisiana and Lucy Stevens couldn’t sleep, so she decided the best way to cure her restlessness was to dance.

Lucy has danced with her son, Lance, since he was old enough to stand. Fast forward a few years and her son is now an adult but he’s still game for a dance with his mom.

The pair decide to take a spin in the kitchen together while the rest of the family watches on.

Screenshot via ViralHog/YouTube

The radio is playing “Dear Future Husband” a great jazzy tune to swing dance to. And that’s exactly what they do.

After a minute’s pause to get in synch, Lucy and Lance effortlessly glide across the tiled floor, Lance in his white socks and his mom in sneakers.

“This is what you do when you can’t sleep, baby!” Lucy declares as her son boogies with her.

There’s lots of laughter as the pair spin around the room and Lance’s daughter also gets in on the action (from the sidelines), practicing her own moves while watching her dad and grandma.

As the dance is about to wrap up Lucy says something that makes the whole family break out in laughter, including Lance who momentarily falls to the floor to catch his breath.

The mother and son have some serious skills and lots of other people must think so too because the video of their dance went viral, racking up millions of views in just a few days.

One viewer guesses that Lance learning his dance skills from mom came in handy, writing, “I’ll bet when Prom time came alone, he didn’t have to ask anyone, the girls probably fought t get to him first!!”

Another pointed to another reason the video is such a charmer: “I just love seeing families enjoying happy times together.”

Watch the mother and son duo in action in the video below.

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