Math Professor Tries Cleaning Dirty Projector Screen In Delightful April Fool’s Day Prank

Mathematics professor Matthew Weathers is famous around the world for the hilarious April Fool’s Day video pranks that he brings to his class.

Using his projector and video, the teacher at Biola University in California creates hilarious interactions between himself and himself on screen. This video from 2017 focuses on trying to clean a smudge mark he makes on his screen.

Needing help, he enlists his “video version” and that’s when things get kooky and funny. From Internet cats to lightsabers, Weathers has his students mesmerized and laughing from beginning to end. And when Weathers finishes his delightful April Fool’s, he is rewarded with thunderous applause.

The video of his prank has gone on to be viewed a staggering 65 million plus times on YouTube. We’re guessing the high number of views is, in part, because people keep hitting the replay button!

Want to see another of Weathers’ clever April Fool’s presentations? Click here to watch him “fight” with his projector self.

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