While Proposing, Man Surprises His Girlfriend With Her Deceased Father’s Blessing To Marry

Moments of great sadness can be followed by moments of great joy. A young woman and her family experienced such a moment when her boyfriend arranged for a very special message to be played during his surprise marriage proposal.

Hannah Schibi shared a video of the moment on TikTok and captioned the video, “Her dad passed away but he was still able to get his blessing.” It turns out the boyfriend had gone to visit his girlfriend’s dying father just three days before the man passed away to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. He recorded the conversation with the father giving his future son-in-law wholehearted approval.

In the video, as audio of her late father plays the young woman is taken aback and looks of confusion turns to one of high emotion as her boyfriend surprises her and gets down on bended knee.

@hannahschibicreations Her dad passed away but he was still able to get his blessing 🥺 #viral #proposal #couplegoals #hearttouching @Reclip ♬ original sound – Hannah Schibi

In the audio that plays during the proposal, the young woman’s now deceased father says, “God Bless you and you have my blessing, son.”

It’s an emotional moment for everyone and immediately after the young man’s fiancée says yes she asks through her tears “how’d you get that?”

That’s a question to be answered later, but during this recorded moment family and friends cheer off camera for the newly engaged couple.

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