Man Sits Outside Home For Weeks To Gain Stray Dog’s Trust

One night, Matt and Sydney noticed a stray dog out front of their house when the dog triggered their motion camera.

They noticed that the black dog was sniffing around and scrounging for food. So they placed out a bowl and some water for him and then a shelter with some of their blankets so he could become familiar with their scent.

With tropical storms approaching, they decided to escalate their rescue efforts. Matt began to sit outside for 1 to 2 hours a night to try and earn the dog’s trust.

Two weeks passed. Then, one night, the dog peeked around the corner and let Matt touch him! A corner had turned.

That same night Matt was able to get the dog to follow him into the back yard. From that day forward, the dog would stay.

They couldn’t keep Bishop, so began to search for a home for him. And they didn’t have to look far as a neighbor was interested in the dog. Now named Bishop, he’s transformed into a loving and affectionate family member.

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