Man Living In Homeless Shelter Rescues Woman Being Sexually Assaulted On Subway Platform

A 37-year-old man who lives in a homeless shelter has been dubbed the “subway hero” after he saved a woman from a sexual assault, not only stopping the attack, but making sure the suspect ended up in jail. Maurice Osborne was recently traveling on the New York City subway when he heard a woman screaming for help in the back car. He was in the second to last car when he heard the woman crying that a man was trying to rape her. Whereas other bystanders turned away, Maurice charged into action.

Apparently, the suspect had been allegedly fondling himself in the subway’s last car before he chased the woman off the platform and jumped on top of her. Maurice ran to help her and grabbed the man by his collar and head-butted him before dragging him out of the subway station stairs and across the street to a police station. The 28-year-old victim followed behind so she could tell police what happened.

Maurice had a swollen hand and a gash on his forehead that required six stitches after what he did, but he told CBS2 News that he would do it all over again. “I like helping people. It makes me feel useful,” he said. Maurice is studying to become a medical assistant while living at a Brooklyn homeless shelter.

After hearing about Maurice’s heroic actions, a group of New York women decided to help him and began a fundraiser to help him pay for his school tuition and expenses. They exceeded their goal in a matter of days and have received more than $20,000 in funds! Bravo, ladies! And Bravo Maurice for standing up and helping that woman from being attacked!

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