Man Builds Clever Glitter ‘Bomb’ For Package Thieves And Films Their Reactions

Mark Rober was fed up with packages being stolen in his neighborhood. So, the mechanical engineer set to work building an ingenious device that would not only spray glitter all over the thieves, it would also release a fart spray and record the thieve’s reactions.

The glitter (not-a) bomb trap he comes up with is truly a work of art.


Rober worked for NASA JPL (he worked on the Curiosity Rover) and now has a tech company and he says he’s a fan of simple, creative design.


The device took 6 months to develop – as you can imagine it required a fair bit of design to get four cameras to operate and record, glitter to explode and fart spray to release.


The fake package succeeded beyond his wildest expectations as you are about to see.

Bonus: and just released December 15th is the Glitter Bomb Porch Package 2.0! Watch the 2019 video below (and keep an eye out for the Macaulay Culkin cameo).

For the engineers and tech enthusiasts out there, here is a more detailed video on how the “Glitter (Not-A) Bomb Trap” was built.

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