Mama Bear Works Hard To Get Her Four Cubs Across The Road

A woman in Winstead, Connecticut found herself sympathizing with a mother bear when she witnessed the animal trying to get her four cubs across the road. Traffic was stopped on the road so the bear family could cross safely but the mama bear certainly had her “hands” – or we should say – paws – full!

The videographer wrote:

“First I thought 1 baby had been struck by car, came back 15 minutes later to realize mama was simply trying to get all 4 babies to cross the street, together! I can relate as a mom of 4 myself!”


The mama is successful in getting three of her cubs across the street but one cub just didn’t want to come along. Instead of following his mother he tries to climb the electrical pole! When the mama crosses to get him another cub follows her back. What follows is a classic situation of motherhood.

After viewing, one person commented, “When the baby started climbing the pole I was like, ‘There’s always one.'”

“As a mom of wild boys, I can relate to this bear momma,” said another.

Many people also applauded the drivers who patiently waited for the wildlife moment to unfold and “didn’t risk the lives of mom and her cubs.” We also spotted a police cruiser on the scene at the end of the video, who no doubt help control traffic and make sure both bears and humans stayed safe!

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