Family Has Emotional Reunion With Dog Missing For 2 Years And Found 700 Miles Away From Home

It’s a miracle the way this lost dog found her way back home to her family! When Leia went missing from her El Paso, Texas home during a storm, her owners Alma and Alberto Dominguez were heartbroken. They refused to give up and searched for their beloved dog for more than two years but with no luck.

Fast forward two years later, and Alma and Alberto had almost given up hope of every finding their beloved dog. Just as they thought Leia was lost forever, they received a phone call from 700 miles away in Denver, Colorado.

Annmarie Anderson, a dog rescuer, had found a matted and scared dog and brought her home. The very day she found her, Annmarie called the vet number on the tag (Leia had on the same collar and tag that she was wearing when she went missing two years before) and within 10 minutes, Annmarie was on the phone with Alma! Alma tentatively asked, “You might have my dog?” and what happened next made me smile so much!

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